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Precautionary measures for piping antifreeze

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-15

Have you ever been ' flood ' since the weather was too cold in your home? How do you protect the water pipe?In the cold winter, especially in the north, when the temperature below zero, no heating areas (such as most of the basement of the community, garages, etc.) installed in the liquid pipes and tanks in the liquid will freeze, serious will make the pipe can freeze crack, equipment paralysis. Such asInstallation of heat tracing system for pipe tankIt can effectively solve the problem of icing and frost crack, make the liquid flow smoothly in the pipeline and the tank, ensure the whole piping system can be used normally in winter.

First of all, to introduce you,Pipeline AntifreezeThe structure of the system. It is composed of Guanghuitefong special heating cable (constant temperature/self limiting temperature type), matching thermostat and temperature sensor.

Its working principle is: The installation will be heating cable wound in the pipe or valve, the outside of the tank, the temperature sensor affixed to the pipe or valve, the appropriate parts of the tank, and then wrap the insulation material, heating cable one end of the thermostat with the connection, connect the power, will thermostat theFreezing temperature set at 5 ~ 10 ℃, when the temperature sensor detects that the pipe temperature is lower than the temperature of the thermostat, the thermostat will turn on the power, the heating cable begins to heat the pipe or the tank; When the temperature sensor detects that the pipe temperature is higher than the thermostat's setting temperature,The thermostat will disconnect the power supply and the heating cable shall cease to be heated, so repeated that it is indeedFidelityThe pipe does not freeze or freeze. The system can save energy to the maximum and ensure the safety of the pipeline.

What range does it apply?

The first is the water pipeline in the district and the building, the second is the fire pipe in the district and the building, the third is the water pipe in the indoor, the fourth is the fire-fighting or the waterworks in the outdoor ground or underground, and the fifth is in the chemical pipeline and the oil conveying pipeline;The latter is the ramp, the road, the roof.Snowmelt area.

What are the preventive measures for pipeline antifreeze?

In China's vast northern areas, water supply pipelines, fire pipes within the medium flow rate of zero, in order to ensure the normal operation of the pipe network in winter, all kinds of pipelines do not occur frozen knot to be used at any time, must be on the pipeline to prevent freezing treatment. Current implementation of pipeline freeze-proof sideChunking more, but basically the same workThe process uses only one single scheme and does not carry out systematic analysis and comparison of different schemes. Pipeline antifreeze at present the longest use of antifreeze methods are: the use of water temperature insulation antifreeze, the use of heating system to provide return water adiabatic heating, filling antifreezeAntifreeze, steam and water heating antifreeze and electric heating with antifreeze five antifreeze methods. AboveFour types of pipeline antifreeze have advantages and disadvantages, for the pipeline antifreeze is the right way to antifreeze is the best.

Below we will say the different kinds of pipeline antifreeze way difference:

The use of water temperature insulation antifreeze: This method long for water supply network of antifreeze, to Beijing area, Beijing's tap water temperature is generally about 12E, it can use water temperature insulation layer for pipeline antifreeze, tap water to groundwater and reservoir surface water as the source of twoWater temperature mixing, mixing ratio makesTap water temperature between the 12~15e, the advantage of this method is to reduce the investment (compared with the electric heating antifreeze method), but the disadvantage is that in low temperature, the tube retention is easy to freeze, according to the Heat transfer principle of the calculation of pipeline freezingTime, residential buildings from 24 o'clock to 5 o'clock in the morning from night to stop using more water,This time period is the high probability period of the water pipe flow rate of 0, when the pipe diameter is small diameter (dn40~dn70), the method has a great pipeline freezing under the average-5 ℃ ambient temperature.Probability, but a large diameter pipe such as DN100 above the use of this method can save a lot of operating costs.

The use of heating system for water supply and return water insulation with warm antifreeze: This method will be to the pipe, fire hose and heating system, the pipeline parallel layout of the pipe together to heat insulation, with the help of heating water temperature with warm water pipes, fire pipes to each other heating, so as to achieve pipeline antifreeze. ThisAlthough the method saves the cost of antifreeze,is in the pipeline layout and piping design and construction is very cumbersome, Wuxi Exxon thermal control is not recommended.

Filling antifreeze Antifreeze: antifreeze in the freezing junction temperature above, the fluidity is very good, can be piped, this method eliminates the adiabatic insulation and heating of the initial investment and operating costs, small investment, this method also has the technical difficulties, first with the water pipe phaseMust be non-toxic and not helpfulCombustibility and flammability. Secondly, if you want to fill in the fire prevention equipment pipeline, the design of the spray tube head should consider the different density of antifreeze and tap water, whether it will affect the spraying area, and finally to solve in the temperature riseThe thermal expansion of the antifreeze at high temperatures and the shrinkage of the antifreeze when cooled.Quantity, this is a great difficulty in technology, Wuxi Exxon also do not recommend this kind of pipeline antifreeze plan.

Steam Plumbing Antifreeze: This kind of water pipe antifreeze is currently used in northern areas, heating in the north is centralized plumbing, in the cold environment, this type of plumbing in the closed use of the time will often produce condensation, ' run, take, drop, leak ' phenomenon frequently hairLife, let the user quite helpless,This type of pipeline antifreeze will be eliminated in the near future.

Electric Heating Pipeline antifreeze: This antifreeze way, is currently more recommended a winter pipeline antifreeze method, the use of relatively clean energy as the source of kinetic energy, the use of simple, easy to install, as long as the installation of a cable in the pipeline with the tropics can solve all problems, forHeat compensation principle, that is, the loss of water pipesLess calories, electric heating with the heat compensation pipeline, energy stability, continuous antifreeze, Wuxi Exxon cautiously recommended.

The above five kinds of pipeline antifreeze measures, there are some help to the North's small partners?you to preventPipeline AntifreezeThere is no good way, welcome to share!


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