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Because of its strong technical support, "Huaguang" brand temperature control with hot cable and similar products with a small starting current, good memory performance, low annual attenuation rate, long service life and other advantages, by the market welcome. So far, "Huaguang" brand temperature control with hot cable has been iso9001-2000 Quality Management system certification, China classification type certification, machinery Department of electrical equipment Explosion-proof, China Oil Sales Corporation Energy Network membership card and other authoritative authority certification, and become China's first floor Heating Committee standing member units. 2005, "Huaguang" brand temperature-controlled heating cable obtained the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce, Quality Supervision Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau Four Ministerial committee issued the "National Key New Product" title (the domestic industry only this one), and the Anhui provincial Administration for industry and commerce identified as "Anhui Shou contract re-credit unit."