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Where is the usual MI heating cable used

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-15

Mi Heating CableWhat fields to apply

Petrochemical: Benzene, styrene, benzaldehyde, polyethylene, ethyl two acid, propylene glycol, acrylic acid, diethyl acid, oxygen, nylon, synthetic fiber, paint, resin and other process pipelines and containers.

Refining: Crude oil pipelines, wax, bitumen, heavy oil, residue oil, steam retention, chlorinated cracking, sulfur, coking and other pipelines, gas pipeline condensation, Catalyst gasification reactor preheating, liquefied petroleum gas and natural reserve tank to prevent frost.

Power: High pressure water supply, high pressure condensation, discharge gas, vapor, degassing, instrumentation, acid-base and oil storage ignition circuit, nuclear power plant equipment and circuit and bolt heater.

Metallurgy: High temperature conveying pipeline, boiler front piping project.

Pharmacy: Grease, ointment, oil cream.

Transport: railway Fork Mouth antifreeze thaw snow, oil tanker fuel condensate.

Mi heating cable application in which environment

1, mineral insulation heating cable pipeline insulation and antifreeze system using extremely reliable electrical heating technology, the need to heat preservation of the pipeline, fluid or other process equipment to heat, to replenish the loss of heat, to control the temperature is kept within the allowable range, applicable to a variety of pipelinesSystem and process equipment, valves, tank body antifreeze treatment and temperature maintenance. such as: Construction of water pipelines, domestic hot pipes, oil pipelines, other chemical food industry high viscosity liquid pipelines.

2, mineral insulation heating cable melting snow ice system can be used for ramps, bridges, roadways, sidewalks, parking lots, outdoor staircases and other outdoor facilities of snow melting ice, to ensure pedestrian safety. This system can be applied to asphalt, concrete and brick and other special road. Winter snow forThe inconvenience caused by pedestrians and vehicles and damage to buildings will no longer exist. Especially in the blind installation, for the blind in the winter travel to provide security assurances. The snow and ice in this system can be removed at any time, avoiding a large amount of salt, artificial shoveling snow and frost belt.Harm. Traffic accidents have been reduced and the safety of pedestrians and vehicles improved.

3, mineral insulation heating cable soil heat system can prevent soil freezing, green green evergreen. Maintenance, maintenance cost is low, safe and reliable. Suitable for the sports field, the Four Seasons Square, the garden lawn soil heating, will not destroy the green natural environment, the maximum reduction to has builtDamage to the lawn. The installation and use cost is very economical, saves the sowing, the maintenance expense, causes the lawn to restore the use in the shortest time.

4, mineral insulation heating cable products are also particularly suitable for flammable and explosive areas, high radiation and inconvenient overhaul, replacement and the need for reliable long-term use of insulation heating places.

5. Railway track and turnout snowmelt system consists of control center, control cabinet, environmental detection device, electric heating element, isolating transformer, connecting cable and channel. Suitable for various types of turnout melting snow needs. When snowfall or temperature changes, the system can be automatically or manually openDynamic electric heating melting snow circuit to ensure the normal conversion of turnout. The system is suitable for three-phase, single-phase power supply, can be concentrated, decentralized settings, maintenance workload is small, installed on the switch on the electric heating elements for more than 10 years of service life.

Under what circumstances, useMi Heating Cable, you know?

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