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Do you know what materials are used for piping antifreeze?

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-15

In winter, the lowest temperature in our country, the normal use of water need to take the pipeline antifreeze, otherwise the water pipe will freeze into ice can not be used. How to ensure that the pipeline antifreeze longer, with its materials are closely related. Well, usuallyPipeline AntifreezeWhat are the materials for insulation? LetSmall series to introduce.

1. Rubber Sponge

Rubber and plastic pipe insulation material low thermal conductivity, with a detailed independent bubble structure, no air convection, complete closed-hole structure, adiabatic effect of lasting good, materials and water vapor completely isolated. Above 89 degrees Celsius, negative 60 degrees Celsius below the environment will not be a material change, suitable forCold-keeping use of each refrigeration project. Rubber and plastic pipe insulation materials do not absorb water, not condensation, long service life, after the SGS test, its measured value is far lower than the EU on the standard value of non-toxic substances, the use of health and safety; soft and beautiful appearance, easy to bend, construction convenient fastCzech, and no other auxiliary materials. Its good temperature and weather resistance makes it very suitable for thermal insulation of solar water heaters, automotive air-conditioning pipe, steam pipe insulation, but also widely used in shock absorption and noise reduction and other occasions.

2, rock wool insulation felt

Rock wool insulation felt is the basalt stone and other natural ores, such as the main raw materials, melting at high temperature into fiber, add a proper amount of adhesive processing, suitable for storage tank containers and large-diameter pipe insulation. Rock wool insulation felt with excellent thermal insulation performance, and construction and installation facilities,The energy saving effect is remarkable, has the very high performance price ratio. In short, rock wool insulation felt is a low thermal conductivity of a high-quality insulation pipe insulation material.

3. Rigid polyurethane Foam

Rigid polyurethane foam is a new type of polymer composite material, which has the characteristics of light weight, high specific strength, small thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. Widely used in shipbuilding, construction, petrochemical, chemical process pipeline, equipment and storage tank insulation insulation, Military DepartmentResearch, indoor air-conditioning and so on, is a very wide use of pipe insulation materials.

In the chemical plant piping design, the pipeline heat preservation and the companion heat often sees, the pipeline frost-proof insulation design cannot neglect, especially in the Alpine area chemical enterprise. The design of frost-proof insulation for pipelines requires specific design of thermal insulation measures according to the medium temperature and process requirements. Otherwise in badUnder bad climatic conditions, it is easy to have the situation of the freezing crack of the liquid pipe branch pipe, so the pipe piping has its special requirements and cannot be designed according to the ordinary requirements. At present, the implementation of the design standards in the country does not have a system perfect equipment, pipeline anti-coagulation, antifreeze criteria, need to combine the site everyRoot piping and equipment, emphasis on the process pipeline antifreeze insulation Design method description and related considerations to ensure that the frost-proof insulation effect.

1, the process pipeline media freezing mechanism: the media flow in the pipeline, due to the loss of heat dissipation, the temperature of the media along the process gradually reduced. In the limited pipe length, in the general loss of heat, the usual medium temperatureNot to reduce to the freezing point of the media, but when the medium stops flowing, because the media can not be supplemented by heat, the temperature may be reduced to freezing point or freezing, or even lower, resulting in freezing, light plugging pipe, heavy will lead to pipe rupture. Usually in the tubeWhen the medium is frozen, first the media close to the wall of the tube begins to freeze, the frozen medium in the circular pipe is looped along the wall of the pipe, then the thickness of the frozen layer is gradually increased until the tube center is frozen and the pipe is blocked.

From the analysis of the freezing process, it is known that the medium freezing is an unsteady heat transfer process. Because of the complicated calculation of unsteady heat transfer process, the simplified method is generally used in engineering, that is to calculate the insulation layer of preventing freezing by the heat balance method of stable heat transfer.thickness and give due consideration to safety factors.

2, the process pipeline antifreeze design for the media containing water equipment and pipelines, the use of heat preservation, heat with the way of antifreeze, but also the use of slope drainage, auxiliary piping way antifreeze. The following equipment piping for antifreeze design:① circulating absorption liquid pipeline, ② process circulating water pipeline, ③ product treatment pipeline, ④ desulfurization Tower, ⑤ pump, trough class as far as possible indoors.

The pipeline antifreeze method uses the heat preservation and the companion heat two kinds. To prevent the piping or equipment from being frozen, the thickness of the insulating layer is calculated according to the intermittent time of the media. Heat insulation is a kind of heat preservation form commonly used in chemical material conveying pipe, which is used for heat dissipation of conveying pipeline to the environment.The heating method is compensated so that the material temperature in the conveying pipeline remains unchanged or not frozen.

3, antifreeze insulation pipeline layout requirements and antifreeze measures: all easy to freeze pipelines, should be in accordance with the requirements of antifreeze piping, compressors, pumps, relief valves, pressure relief valve, public works pipeline has its special antifreeze measures, treatment methods are as follows.

Buried underground water pipelinesIndustrial water pipelines generally larger diameter, and in the cold area to consider antifreeze, so more use buried laying method. The larger diameter pipe once the ice is frozen is only in the pipe wall knot. Ring ice, though it will not clog the pipe, but its flow will be limited, taking into account the buried pipelineDifficult to clean, usually buried below the frozen line, to ensure that the media in the pipeline will not freeze.

Pipeline AntifreezeMeasures will be updated as the Times evolve. Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any other good ideas?