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In what area to install the warm heating cable is correct

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-15

      Warm heating Cable, is a heating cable applied to the ground warming.

Heating cable, is made of cable structure, to power for energy, the use of alloy resistance wire to power heating, to achieve heating or insulation effect. There is usually a single guide and a dual-guide, known as heating cable.

Heating Cable Working principle:

The heating cable inner core is composed of the cold line hotline, the outside is composed of insulating layer, grounding, shielding layer and outer sheath, the heating cable is energized, the hot line heats up, and operates in the temperature between the 40~60℃, and the heating cable embedded in the filling layer will heat energy through the heat conduction (convection) way andThe 8-13um Far Infrared radiation is transmitted to the heating body.

The composition and working principle of radiant heating system of heating cable floor:power supply line → transformer → low-voltage distribution device → household watt-hour meter → temperature Controller → heating cable → through the floor to the indoor radiation heat 1, electricity for energy 2, heating cable as the heating body 3, heating cable heat conduction mechanism.

The first part is the heating cable will be hot after the heat, its temperature in the 40℃-60℃, through contact conduction, heating surrounded in its weeks of cement layer, and then to the floor or tile, and then through the convection heating air, conduction heat accounted for heating cable calorific value of 50%.

The second part is the heating cable will produce the most suitable 7-10 microns of Far infrared ray, to human body and space radiation. This part of the heat also accounts for 50% of the calorific efficiency of heating cable nearly 100%.

Heating cable power, the inside of the nickel alloy metal hot line, and in the low-temperature operation of 40~60℃, buried in the filling layer of heating cable, heat through the heat conduction (convection) and emitted by the 8-13μm far Infrared radiation way to the heating body.

Its construction plan: Heating cable Electric heating before the construction plan needs to be drafted, such as material selection, power configuration, laying area determination and so on.
Its processing conditions are: Before the construction of electric heating set aside the threshold height, and then warm leveling, to ensure that there is no concave-convex, such as water pipes or cables should be embedded in the ground slot, to ensure that the construction conditions are met.

      Warm heating CableTo install in the correct place, there will be a security risk.