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On the market, how to distinguish between self-control temperature-electric tropics and constant-power electric tropics

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-15

       Constant Power Electric TropicsAlso known as parallel-type electric tropical. Its working principle: the power supply bus is two parallel insulated copper wire, winding the electric wire in the middle of the insulating layer, and the electric wire is connected with the Busbar at a certain distance (that is, "heating festival Length") and the bus has a continuous shunt resistance. Bus PassAfter the electricity, the parallel resistance heat,Thus a continuous heating strip is formed.

As an effective pipeline (storage tank) heat preservation and antifreeze program has been widely used. Its working principle is to distribute certain heat through the hot media, through direct or indirect heat exchange to supplement the loss of the heating pipe, in order to achieve heating, insulation or antifreeze normal work toPlease. In the the 1970s, the energy industry in the United States put forward the idea of replacing steam heating with the electric heating scheme. In the early 80 of the late 70, many industrial sectors, including the energy industry, had widely promoted the technology of electric heat tracing to replace steam heating with electric heating. Electric heatingThe development of technology has been developed from the earlier constant power heating to conductive plasticAs the core of the automatic temperature heating.

The difference between the two:1, the principle of comparison

Principle of self-control temperature heating cable

The automatic temperature-control heat tracing scheme is mainly completed by the automatic temperature control hotline. Self-control Warm electric hotline is composed of conductive plastic and 2 parallel bus bars plus insulating layer, metal shielding net and anticorrosion jacket. Which by the plastic and conductive carbon particles by special processing of conductive plastic is the core of heat. WhenWhen the temperature around the hot line is low, the conductivePlastic production of micro-molecular contraction, carbon particles connected to form a circuit to enable the current through the hot line will start heating, and high temperature, conductive plastic production of micro-molecular expansion, carbon particles gradually separated, resulting in circuit interruption, resistance rise, with the hotline sinceDynamic reduction of power output, calorific value will be reduced. When the ambient temperature becomes colder, the plasticThe material is restored to the micro-molecular contraction state, the carbon particles are connected to form the circuit, and the heating power of the hot line increases automatically, which is what we often say is the resistance positive temperature coefficient (PTC) characteristics. Its wholeThe temperature control process is automatically adjusted by the material itself, and its control temperature is not too high nor too low. ConstantPower heating Cable principle constant power heating cable is divided into parallel electric tropics and series-type electric tropics. Constant power parallel Electric tropics due to its multiple heating joints throughout theLength parallel connection, it is referred to as the parallel electric tropical, it is by the power supply bus and bus insulation, main insulation, heating wire, external sheath, metal shielding network, plusStrong sheath composition. The constant power parallel electric tropics are connected in parallel with the whole length of the heating joints. Power supply Bus TwoThe root or three parallel insulated copper conductor, and winding the electric wire on its surface, and the electric wire is connected with the Busbar at a certain distance ("that is, the heating section length") and the bus bar, which forms the continuous shunt resistance, the BusbarAfter the electricity, the shunt resistance heats up, thus forming a continuous heating belt, its hairHot core for heating wire. Constant power series Electric heating is composed of power bus, composite insulation, outer sheath, copper knitting and reinforcing layer. According to the Joule law, the current through the conductor constantly releasing energy, forming a continuous, hairHeat-evenly coupled with the tropics. Its heating coreis the bus bar.

2. Structure comparison

Automatic temperature heating cable structure bus: tinned soft copper wire; conductive plastic: with positive resistance temperature coefficient, tightly wrapped on the bus, flat, smooth surface, with a certain degree of mechanical strength and electrical characteristics; insulating layer: Modified Polyolefin, with excellent safety performance andLife span; shielding layer: tinned copperSilk, covering a density of more than 85%. Sheath layer: Flame retardant polyolefin, with excellent safety performance and service life.

Constant power heating cable structure parallel constant power heating cable structure bus: tinned soft copper wire; insulating layer: Heat-resistant fluorine plastic thermoplastic elastomer, insulating material has good mechanical and physical properties; heating material: Ni-cr alloy wire; shielding layer: tinned copper wire network, covering density 85%above; sheath layer: fluorine-containing polymersInsulating anti-corrosion jacket, with excellent safety performance and service life.

Series constant power with hot cable structure heating body: Copper core line composite insulating layer: high temperature flame retardant polyolefin plastic outer sheath layer: High temperature flame-retardant fluorine plastic shielding layer: tinned copper wire reinforced layer: High temperature flame-retardant fluorine plastic.

3, the use of the site comparison

Self-control temperature heating cable use site for oil, chemical, electric power, dock, fire and other industries pipelines, and can quickly start, each part of the temperature can be accompanied by the changes in the automatic adjustment, so allow overlapping winding laying without overheating andBurn the worry, if need temperature accurate, can add set temperatureControl system. The maximum temperature is about 135 ℃, can be arbitrarily cut, and the maximum use length of about 100 meters.

Constant power heating cable using a parallel type of constant power heating cable is applicable to petroleum, chemical, electricalPower, dock, fire and other industries pipeline, and can quickly start, do not allow overlapping use, needTo the temperature control system supporting the use of the maximum temperature can reach 215 ℃, the minimum use length can not be less than a fever festival length, the maximum use length of about 180 meters. Series-Type constantPower heating cable is suitable for pipelines in petroleum, chemical, electric power, dock, fire and other industries, and can start quickly without overlappingUse, need temperature control system supporting use, the maximum temperature can reach 215 ℃, the maximum use length of about 1800 meters leftRight, recommended long distance pipelineUse. and series-type constant power heating cable generally need to be in accordance with the actual length of the design, and in the factory prefabricated into finished goods supply, too long or too short will affect the power, temperature,Therefore, no arbitrary cutting or the length of the connection.

The above content can be in different industries on the control of temperature-controlled tropical andConstant Power Electric TropicsSelection for reference.