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Use of electric heating with the tropics should be cautious

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-15

What isElectric companion Tropical? What is the electric tape performance?

Electric Companion tropics are composed of conductive polymers and two parallel metal conductors and insulating layers. The characteristic is that the conductive polymer has very high positive temperature coefficient characteristic, and each other parallel, can adjust the output power automatically with the temperature change of the heating system, automatically limits the heating temperature, canWith any truncated or within a certain rangeUse, and allow multiple overlapping without hot spots and burning.

The installation of the Electric Companion tropics is divided into the electrical tracing of the external wall of the equipment, the power distribution system of the terminal junction box and the external insulation layer.

The end of the electric belt need to use a special terminal junction box or heat shrinkable casing for sealing, due to the structural problems of the electric tropics, two parallel bus has already formed the internal circuit, so the first two conductor of the installation is directly connected to the power 0 line of fire can form a complete circuit.

Electric CompanyThe main cause of the tropical end fireHave the following points:

1, the end of the seal section, in the installation of the need to install the end of the terminal junction box to do the seal, no electric tropical tail leakage does not install junction box, tail end damp, easy to cause short circuit, fire.

2, installation of the end of the junction box, should be the outer sheath peel off, will shield layer peeling, prohibit the electric tropical shielding layer to access the terminal junction box, shielding network such as Access junction box, will cause the circuit grounding, in the ground protection contact bad condition, easy to produce electric spark, cause the fire phenomenon.

3, End insulation layer thermal expansion and contraction, exposing the conductive part, in the rain and snow weather humid environment, causing leakage of fire.

4, the use of absorbent insulation tape, resulting in wet tail end, causing leakage of fire.

The causes of the fire in the middle tropical area are as follows:

Electric heating for the constant temperature heater, in the installation process in accordance with the provisions of the Construction Code installation and construction, not because of improper installation, resulting in security risks, resulting in the use of the process of short-term, leakage, fire and other safety incidents.

The causes of fire in the middle tropical area are as follows:

1,Electric companion TropicalIn the installation process, not to do the finished product protection, stampede, drag, pull, twist the electric tropics, causing the inner core deformation of the electric tropics damage, the general construction occasions are more messy, even if the tough fluorine plastic coat type of electric tropical in the attention of the situation, it will be easily fragmented. Long timeThe power of high temperature work under the condition of the damaged core heat is uneven, local temperature is too high, triggering a fire.

2, the electric heating outer sheath damage, the line core outside the leakage, in the rain and snow weather humid environment spool causes the short circuit.

3, insulation layer did not do waterproof treatment, rain and snow weather insulation layer of water intrusion, so that with the tropical part of the line at low temperature or humid state and with a large output power work, the local electric power overload, the attenuation rate is uneven, local current too large to cause internal fire short circuit, resulting inElectric spark.

So, to be safe, use the right electric companion to the tropics.