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Hua Guang Road Snow System
Hua Guang Road Snow System
Hua Guang Road Snow System

The system can be used for ramps, bridges, roadways, humanitarian, car parks, outdoor staircases and other outdoor facilities of snow melting ice, to ensure the safety of pedestrian areas. This system can be applied to asphalt, concrete and brick and other special road.


Safety:This system provides people with safe living space. Winter ice and snow for pedestrians and vehicles caused by the inconvenience and damage to the building will no longer exist. Especially in the blind installation, for the blind winter travel to provide security assurances. can automatically detect the dissolution of the work area requirements, timely start-up and shutdown.

Economic rationality:The system can be removed from the snow and ice in the area, avoiding the harm caused by the heavy salt, artificial shoveling and frost. Traffic accidents are reduced, and the safety of pedestrians and vehicles can be improved.

Clean snow and salt and so on the resource environment caused by serious broken ring, and the system is the use of the most clean and effective electricity, by the user favorite.

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