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Fire Hose Electric Companion Tropical
Fire Hose Electric Companion Tropical
Fire Hose Electric Companion Tropical

Fire Hose Electric Companion Tropics:

With the increasing proportion of public facilities in the building, the increase of the external equipment makes the complicated piping system more and more exposed to the relatively open space. Therefore, the improvement of the safety standards of important pipelines in the building makes the pipeline antifreeze system play more and more important role in the construction. On the one hand, pay attention to environmental protection at the same time, in addition to antifreeze insulation on the need to have an electric heating system to maintain the pipeline in the water will not be frozen in the winter.

North Vehicle Research Institute roof water Pipeline antifreeze Heating
Fire-fighting riser in stairwell to freeze heat

Beijing Youth City Underground garage fire hydrant
System Pipeline Antifreeze Heating

Anti-freezing and heating of roof water supply and drainage pipeline in Beijing Oriental Plaza

Water supply pipeline antifreeze heating in Beijing senior people's Court

Because of the low ambient temperature in winter in the north, various kinds of liquid conveying tubes have frozen blocking phenomenon, even burst, which brings serious influence to people's work and life. The fire pipe is closely related to people's life, and its significance is more important.Fire Protection Electric Partner TropicsAs an effective fire protection pipeline antifreeze solution, in the fire-fighting pipelines and underground garage spray system, has been widely used, its working principle is through the heat emitted by the heating, direct or indirect heat exchange to compensate the heat loss of the hot pipeline, in order to achieve the requirements of antifreeze insulation, to ensure that the fire pipe in the cold winter normal use. By Hengxin Company Research staff, the introduction of a double fire-retardant special electric partner tropical, the product has heating, resistance, automatic insulation, temperature-limiting characteristics. Save energy, intermittent operation, heating automatically fast, low installation and operation costs.

The product is widely used in fire hydrants, fire pipes and underground garage spray system, air-conditioning cooling system pipeline antifreeze heating. My company's fire-fighting series of special Electric tropical in Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian and many other cities in the fire engineering, a large number of applications, users are reactive products good.