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HCL Series type constant Power electric tropics
HCL Series type constant Power electric tropics
HCL Series type constant Power electric tropics

HCL Series TypeConstant Power Electric Tropicsis a new type of electric heating products, compared with other electric tropics, its biggest feature is the length of the use, which is longer than the general constant power, the maximum length of the 5~12-type electric tropics. Therefore, especially suitable for oil, chemical, electric power, wharf and other industries long-distance pipeline, large tank, oil tanks, such as antifreeze, heat preservation and heating, and other explosion-proof accessories, can be used for the category II anti-explosive gas occasions.

1. Product model

Example: hcl-a-660-30-3000 represents a 660v,a-type structure with a power of 30W per metre and a constant-power electric tropics with a total length of 3000M.

HCL (Q)-b-380-40-800 indicates that the voltage is 380V,B type structure, the power of 40W per meter, the total length of 800M of the enhanced series of constant power heating.

2, Product shape structure3, product specifications and main technical indicators see the following table

Model specifications

Core Wire structure

Nominal section mm²

20 Resistance ω/km





















4. Working principle

According to the Joule law, the current through the conductor of the continuous release of energy, forming a continuous, heating uniform electric Companion tropical.

5. Structure form

The type a structure is composed of three independent identical power, the same length electric tropical joint.

The B-type structure is three insulated and combined with each other.

HCL-Type series constant power electric heating insulation sheath and external insulation sheath are F46 or F4, heating core for special heating equipment, strengthen the copper woven outer sheath insulation sheath heating core.

6, installation Instructions

(1) should not be towed on the ground when the electricity is cast.

(2) Electric tropical installation when encountered sharp edge edges must be polished or aluminum tape liner, in order to prevent the insulating layer pierced.

(3) The minimum bending radius should not be less than five times times of the thickness of the electric heating bending installation.

(4) Electric heating installation with aluminum tape paste, an increase in heat dissipation surface, is conducive to heat conduction, two convenient installation. After laying, the fixed tape is fixed radially every 50-80 centimeters.

(5) Series-type constant power of the tropics are generally based on the actual length of the pipeline design, so the installation should be strictly in accordance with the design length installation, too long or too short to affect the power, so do not allow arbitrary shearing.

(6) Series-type electric tropical installation of the Y wiring, in order to avoid three-phase current error, it is necessary to ground at the end.

(7) The control cabinet should be overloaded, short-circuit, leakage protection and control devices to ensure the use of quality.

(8) If there are corrosive gases in or around the electric tropics, the enhanced type should be used.